Reasons to go to Hwange in the Green Season

The green season, emerald season or simply the rainy season runs from mid-November to April in Zimbabwe. The African rains arrive in these months, transforming the landscape from drab and dusty to verdant and lush.
The invigorating smell of petrichor sweeps across the dry plains, followed shortly by fat drops of rain hitting the parched earth. Within a few short, thunderous hours, the showers depart, and the sun returns. They leave behind a land swept clean and invigorated. This pattern follows for most of the rainy season: impressive towering clouds build in the afternoons, and every few days they break into short outbursts. As such, rain seldom interferes with your trip. The green season is magical. The land, and all of the animals, regenerate. Baby animals are everywhere, and birdlife is abundant.

A green season safari offers many advantages. This season is considered the best time to visit Africa by many safari lovers.
Here are our top reasons to visit Hwange in the green season!

A great time to combine Hwange with Victoria Falls.
Combine incredible game viewing in Hwange National Park with a visit to Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall. The Zambezi’s seasonally low water is from November to mid-December. At this time of year, some parts of the falls dry up and a dry rock face is exposed, although there is always a good flow on the Zimbabwean side. From January to March, the Zambezi is rising and at a nice mid-level where you have lots of water coming over the falls. Between March and July, the waterfall is in full stream and at its most thunderous.

The best time for photography and landscapes.
The warm summer rains completely transform the landscape from dusty and hazy to fresh, lush and green. Africa’s stunning landscape is at its finest. With clean and pure air, golden beaming rays, and dark greys when the clouds gather for a brief afternoon appearance, the green season gives the greatest light of the entire year, guaranteeing there is beauty in every frame.

Birding is incredible.
The green season is the best season for birding. Migrant birds return to Hwange National Park to build their nests and raise their young. Many birds are in their magnificent breeding plumage. With over 400 bird species in Hwange during the green season, it’s a phenomenal destination for birders.

Baby animals abound.
The welcomed downpours spark a rush of elation and infuse new life into the bush. The calving season begins, bringing adorable fawns, foals, calves, and cubs to the plains. Group birthing is a survival instinct – one baby is an easy target for a predator, but many around the same age and strength increase the odds of survival for the majority. The vulnerable young animals attract the predators to the grazing herds. Lions, wild dogs, cheetahs, and hyenas all take advantage of the good hunting, which makes it an excellent time for birthing their cubs and pups, too.

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